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1  HEIS, Lawrence Byron (I28568)
2  Elizabeth (I68984)
3 Ontario Vital Records - Marriages # 015 325 - 1923
FILION, Wilfred, Clerk, age 24, to KENNEDY, Wilhelmina, age 20, on August 20, 1923 at Little Current. Parents of Groom: Joseph Filion, Virginie Cote. Parents of Bride: James Kennedy, Mae Patterson. Groom' s birthplace: Algoma; Bride ' s birthplace: Cutler. Witnesses: Fleming Morrisson, Little Current; Marguerite Kennedy, Little Current.

Source Information: and Genealogical Research Library (Brampton, Ontario, Canada). Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1926 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.
Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1926
about Wilfrid Filion Name: Wilfrid Filion
Birth Place: Algoma
Age: 24
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1899
Father Name: Joseph Filion
Mother Name: Virginie Cote
Spouse Name: Wilhelmina Kennedy
Spouse's Age: 20
Spouse Birth Place: Cutler
Spouse Father Name: James Kennedy
Spouse Mother Name: Mae Patterson
Marriage Date: 20 Aug 1923
Marriage Location: Manitoulin District
Marriage County: Manitoulin
Archives of Ontario Microfilm: MS932_653 
Family F4
4 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F2673
5 1871 Ontario Census, Simcoe South, Innisfil, Household #111
CAMPBELL Alex male 37 Scotland Presbyterian Scotch Carpenter married
CAMPBELL Mary female 33 Ontario Presbyterian Scotch married
CAMPBELL Nelson male 12 Ontario
CAMPBELL Catherine female 11 Ontario
CAMPBELL Lucy female 10 Ontario
CAMPBELL Myra female 8 Ontario
CAMBPELL Ellen female 6 Ontario
CAMPBELL Alexander male 1 Ontario
CAMPBELL Anne female 35 Ontario

1881 Ontario Census, Algoma, Billings & Campbell, Page 5 Family 18
CAMPBELL Alexander Male Married 47 Scottish Scotland Farmer C. Presbyterian
CAMPBELL Mary Female Married 43 German Ontario C. Presbyterian
CAMPBELL Nelson C. Male 22 Scottish Ontario Farmer C. Presbyterian
CAMPBELL Martha C. Female 21 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian
CAMPBELL Lucy E. Female 19 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian
CAMPBELL Myra E. Female 18 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian
CAMPBELL Ella E. Female 15 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian
CAMPBELL Alexandra Female 12 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian
CAMPBELL Copeland Male 8 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian
CAMPBELL Allan Male 6 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian
CAMPBELL Dougald Male 2 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian

1891 Ontario Census, Algoma, Billings Township, Household #43
Campbell Alex Male 56 Married Head Scotland Scotland Scotland Presbyterian Farmer
Campbell Mary Female 52 Married Wife Ontario Canada Canada Presbyterian
Campbell Nelson Male 32 Single Son Ontario Scotland Ontario Presbyterian
Campbell Lizzie Female 22 Single Daughter Ontario Scotland Ontario Presbyterian
Campbell Coplan Male 18 Single Son Ontario Scotland Ontario Presbyterian
Campbell Dugald Male 13 Single Son Ontario Scotland Ontario Presbyterian

1901 Ontario Census, Algoma, Billings Township, Page 2, Con 8 Lot 25, Household #9
CAMPBELL Alexander Male Head married 17 May 1833 67 Scot 1833 Scot Can PS Farmer
CAMPBELL Mary Female Wife married 8 May 1837 63 Ont Irish Can PS
CAMPBELL Dugal O. Male Son single 10 October 1878 22 Ont Scot Can PS Farmer' Son
DICKOUT William P. Male Grandson single 4 January 1888 13 Ont Dutch Can PS
HUNT Thomas O. Male Son-in-Law married 18 June 1874 26 Ont Eng Can PS Labourer

1911 Ontario Census, Algoma, Billings, District (6), Household #19
Campbell Dougald D Male Head Married October 1878 32
Campbell Susann Female Wife Married April 1886 25
Campbell Mary Female Mother Widow March 1835 76

Ontario Vital Records - Deaths #004 939 - 1905
CAMPBELL, Alexander, 6 October 1905, Lot 25, Con. 8, Billings. Married Farmer. Cause: Sumor Complaint for 3 weeks at age 72 years. Born:Scotland. Informant: Dugald Campbell.

Kagawong Cedars Cemetery, Manitoulin Island, #43
ALEXANDER / CAMPBELL / DIED / OCT. 6, 1905 / AE 72 Y'RS / 5 MOS. / Blessed are the dead / Which die in the Lord / HIS WIFE / MARY / DIED / DEC 11 1920 / AE 65 YRS / CAMPBELL 
CAMPBELL, Alexander (I80)
6 1881 Ontario Census, Algoma, Allan, Family #59
THOMSON Archibald Male 26 Scottish USA Farmer Presbyterian
THOMSON Margaret Female Widow 57 Scottish Scotland Presbyterian
THOMSON Donald Male 25 Scottish US Presbyterian

1891 Ontario Census, Algoma, Billings Township, Household #39
Thompson Archard Male 36 Married Head USA Scotland Scotland Presbyterian Farmer
Thompson Isabella Female 29 Married Wife Ontario Scotland Scotland Presbyterian
Thompson Donald Male 5 Single Son Ontario USA Ontario Presbyterian
Thompson Mary Female 4 Single Daughter Ontario USA Ontario Presbyterian
Thompson Margaret Female 2 Single Daughter Ontario USA Ontario Presbyterian
Thompson Anna I. Female 1 Single Daughter Ontario USA Ontario Presbyterian age 8m
Thompson Margaret Female 70 Widow Mother Scotland Scotland Scotland Presbyterian

1901 Ontario Census,Billings Twp. Con 8 Lot 26 Con 9 Lot 25, Household #15
THOMSON Archibald Male Head married 12 November 1854 43 US 1862 Scot Can PS Farmer
THOMSON Isabella Female Wife married 12 September 1862 38 Ont Scot Can PS
THOMSON Mary F Daughter single 10 September 1887 13 Ont Scot Can PS
THOMSON Magret F Daughter single 9 February 1889 12 Ont Scot Can PS
THOMSON Anna T. F Daughter single 8 September 1890 10 Ont Scot Can PS
THOMSON Archibald M Son single 25 August 1892 8 Ont Scot Can PS
THOMSON Elsie C. F Daughter single 22 July 1894 6 Ont Scot Can PS
THOMSON William J. Male Son single 19 April 1896 4 Ont Scot Can PS
THOMSON Elizabeth F Daughter single 17 May 1898 2 Ont Scot Can PS
THOMSON Ellen R. Female Daughter single 6 mo Ont Scot Can PS

1911 Ontario Census, Algoma, Billings, District (6), Household #20
Thomson Isabbella Female Head Widow September 1862 48
Thomson Mary Female Daughter Single September 1887 23
Thomson Margaret Female Daughter Single February 1889 22
Thomson Anna Bell Female Daughter Single September 1890 20
Thomson Archibald Male Son Single August 1892 18
Thomson Elsie C Female Daughter Single July 1894 16
Thomson William J Male Son Single April 1895 15
Thomson Elizabeth Female Daughter Single May 1898 13
Thomson Edith Female Daughter Single January 1900 11
Thomson James M Male Son Single September 1904 6

Ontario Vital Records - Deaths #005 626 - 1908
THOMPSON, Archibald, male, 21 September 1908, Lot 26, Con, 8, Billings.Cause: Cholera for 4 days at age 53 years, 10 months, 9 days. Born: 12 November 1843, New York. Farmer. Scotch. Parents: John Thompson, Scotland and Margaret Mitchell, Scotland. Informant: Mary E. Thompson, Kagawong.

Kagawong Cedars Cemetery, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, #183
THOMSON / ARCHIBALD / 1834 - 1908 / ISABELLA / NEE MCKENZIE / 1862 - 1940 
THOMSON, Archibald T. (I13405)
7 1901 Ontario Census, Algoma, Cockburn Is. Tolsmaville, Household #36
SMITH Edward Male Lodger married 11 October 1868 32 Ont Irish Can PS
SMITH Janett Female Lodger married 16 August 1871 29 Scot 1890 Scot Can PS
BRIGHAM Marie Female Lodger single 22 October 1878 22 Ont Eng Can ME Servant
DETWILER Henry Male Lodger single 4 February 1876 25 Ont Germ Can ME Bookkeeper
DOBSON David Male Lodger single 16 March 24 Ont Eng Can ME Mill Lab
EVERT William Male Lodger married 13 October 26 Ont Eng Can ME Farm Lab
SCHULTZ Charles Male Lodger widow 8 July 23 Ont Germ Can LU Harnessmaker
ROBINSON John Male Lodger single 6 December 24 Ont Irish Can PS Forest Lab
WOODS Seth Male Lodger single 13 November 29 Ont Eng Can PS Forest Lab
COLLINS Fred Male Lodger single 28 March 41 Ont Irish Can ME Carpenter
WARD Elli Male Lodger married 23 February 49 Ont Eng Can PS Mill Engineer
CAMPBELL Robert Male Lodger single 13 October 23 Ont Irish Can BT Forest Lab
CAMPBELL Thomas Male Lodger single 24 April 1879 22 Ont Irish Can BT Forest Lab
CONELL Alexander Male Lodger single 10 October 1875 25 Ont Irish Can PS Lumber Lab
CONELL David Male Lodger single 25 April 1877 23 Ont Irish Can PS Lumber Lab 
BRIGHAM, Marie (I29240)
8 1901 Ontario Census, Nipissing, Nairn, Lorne, Hyman and Unorganized Territory, page 6, Household #37
WITTY William male Head married 4 February 1868 33 Ontario English Presbyterian Shantyman
WITTY Eliza J. female Wife married 28 June 1877 23 Ontario Irish
WITTY Irene female Daughter single 11 May 1897 3 Ontario English

1911 Ontario Census, Nipissing, Cobalt, page 11, Household #82
WITTY William male Head married September 1872 38
WITTY Eliza female Wife married June 1878 32
WITTY Irene female Daughter single May 1897 14
NEWTON Samuel male Roomer single March 1884 27

Obituary, uncited
Witty - At Toronto, on Saturday, Nov. 30, William Witty, in his 67th year.
The late Mr. Witty is a brother of Mr. John Witty, Gore Bay.
(handwritten 1935) 
WITTY, William (I24779)
9 British Columbia Marriage Registrations, 1859 - 1932
John Edward Johnson, born Westmeath, Renfrew County, Ontario and Lydia Agnes Howden, born Manitoulin Island, Ontario were married 16 May 1911, Vernon, British Columbia. Groom's Parents: Charles Johnson and Sarah Ann Young. Bride's Parents: Charles Howden and Anna Melissa Buck 
Family F17080
10 Dorothy Hopkins Addison Scrapbook, transcribed by Marilyn Irish
Hester-At Gore Bay on Saturday, 26th, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Hester of Ice Lake, a son.

Article, uncited, Red Scrapbook by Mrs. Nelson Rowe, transcribed by Marilyn IRish
Well Known Business Closes
Sometimes the face of a town changes almost over night. In other years the main thoroughfare seems to doze complacently through the decades and familiar businesses remain open to several generations.
A business serving the public for almost three-quarters of a century has finally ground to a halt. Mr. Jack Hester, who has been operating Mac's Bakery for the past year, has closed shop due to a back ailment which will not allow him to continue.
No longer will Manitoulin stores carry bread with "Mac's" label on the wrapper, and the familiar smell of freshly baked gods will no longer waft from the doors of a bakery shop in Gore Bay.
The business was known as Mac's Bakery since the time Mac McQuarrie bought the bakery and store from Mr. R. Robinson back in the 1940's.
We take you back along the path of time via the memories of Gore Bay's older residents, to one of Gore Bay's first bakeries, that of M. Lehman who ran a bakery where the Bank of Montreal now stands. We are told a nephew of Mr. Lehman, Mr. Robinson, began his own bakery around the early 1900's in what is now known as Steve's Grocery.
The Robinson Bakery was really more than a bakery, and other food articles were sold as well. Mr. Robinson inserted an ad in the Recorder during the Christmas season advising his customers that toys, candies, fruit and nuts were available as well as baked goods.
In an advertisement dated to place their orders early so they could be filled. Those who can recall back to those days say the bakery turned out its bread, cakes and cookies three times a week.
Mr. Robinson was a stalwart citizen, well liked and respected. Advertising in The Recorder carried such down-to-earth facts as - "No man's goods better than ours. No man's money is better than yours. Come along to R. Robinsons, we will use you well for we always meet everyone on the level and treat them on the square."
In a 1942 advertisement in The Recorder, customers were told, "Give your oven a rest, use Robinson's bread, just as good as the best home-made, smooth in texture with a delicate brown crust."
Robinson's Bakery was located in back of what is now known as Steve's Grocery, and when Mr. McQuarrie purchased the business he carried on the bakery end of it in the same location. The entire building was used by Mr. McQuarrie as a store, snack bar and bake shop, the snack bar being located where the storage area now is.
When the old fire hall was torn down next to the store, Mr. McQuarrie carried on his bakery business in the new  
HESTER, Milton John (I51582)
NAME: SIMPSON, Wemyss MacKenzie
PARISH: Bromley, London
DATES: b.1823 (B.134/g/16) (B.239/g/86) d.1894
Appointments & Service
Outfit Year*: Position: Post: District: HBCA Reference:
*An Outfit year ran from 1 June to 31 May
1841-1843 Apprentice Clerk Lachine Depot Montreal B.134/g/16-18
1843, Nov.-Dec. Clerk in temporary charge Fort Coulonge D.4/63, p.40-42
1843, December to accompany Dr. John Rae from Lachine to Temiskaming D.4/63, p.202
1844-1845 Clerk in charge of district Fort Pelly Swan River B.239/k/2, p.322
1845-1846 Clerk in charge Oxford House (Fur store) York Factory B.239/k/2, p.359; D.4/34, p.135
1846-1847 Clerk (disposable) Northern Department B.239/g/86, p.7
1847 retired due to ill health, but requested to reenter service January 1848 A.1/65, p.118; A.10/24, fo.39 1847-1851 Clerk Lachine Depot Montreal B.134/g/22-25
1851-1853 Clerk in charge of district La Cloche Lake Huron B.135/k/3, 1851, 1852
1852, Summer took temporary charge of Sault St. Marie while Chief Factor Hargrave D.4/73, p.22
attend Southern Department Council
1853, 9 February Chief Trader A.1/68, p.108
1853-1855 Chief Trader in charge La Cloche Lake Huron B.135/k/3, 1854; B.239/k/3, p.46
of district
1854, Summer took temporary charge of Sault St. Marie while Chief Factor Hargrave D.4/74, p.210-211
attended Southern Department Council
1855-1862 Chief Trader in charge Depot Sault St. Mary's B.135/k/3, 1855, 1857;
of district B.135/g/33-36; B.239/k/3, p.120
1862 Chief Factor B.239/k/3, p.240
1862-1865 Chief Factor in charge Depot Sault St. Mary's B.135/k/3, 1863; B.239/k/3,
of district p.240
1865-1866 on furlough B.239/k/3, p.305
1866 retired A.6/38, p.334
1867-1870 Company Agent Sault St. Marie B.134/g/41-45
1894, 31 March died at Fort Munroe, Virginia and was buried at Sault St. Marie
Simpson was a member of the House of Commons 1867-1871 when he resigned to accept the The Beaver, Summer 1970, p.35
Appointment of Indian Commissioner
SIMPSON, Wemyss MacKenzie cont 
SIMPSON, Wemyss Mackenzie (I62912)
12 John Sibbald, 20, Owen Sound, Sydenham, Labourer, son of Andrew Sibbald and Helen Scott m. Stewardina Fyfe, 20, Owen Sound, Linhathen (?), Scotland dau.of James Fyfe and Elizabeth Robertson. Witnesses: Thomas Greig and Elizabeth Breckenridge Owen Sound. 7 June 1886, Owen Sound. Family F1138
13 Manitoulin Expositor 1879
MCLEOD, James, at Collingwood, on the 28th of May 1879, Mr. W. McLeod, of Manitowaning, to Miss JAMES, of Collingwood. 
Family F6358
14 Marriage Index, 1858 - 1869, Microfilm Roll #1030055
Angus BLUE, 24, born Colonsay, Scotland and Catherine Galbraith, 15, born Scotland Village were married 6 April 1861. Groom's Parents: Archibald and Ann Graham. Bride's Parents: M. and M. McDougall.

For further information on Blue family please see website of Mary Catherine Blue Snyder at this URL 
Family F7755
15 Ontario Vital Records - Births #017 782 - 1876
Norfolk, Walsingham - 18 Nov 1876 - George Robert Alexander to James W. Smith, farmer and Annie N. Bennett 
SMITH, George Robert Alexander (I40484)
16 Ontario Vital Records - Births #027 973 - 1908
SIDEY Elizabeth Jane, female, 21 November 1906, Lot 2 Con 11, Campbell Township. Parents: George A. Sidey, Laborer and Mary Ann Gadiner. Parents married: 9 November 1904, Gore Bay. Informant: George A. Sidey, Providence Bay, father.
Elizabeth Sidey
Birth: 1907
Death: 1943
Family links:
George A Sidey (1866 - 1946)
Mercy Ann Gardner Sidey (1871 - ____)
Elizabeth Sidey (1907 - 1943)
Clayton Sidey (1909 - ____)*
Burton Sidey (1914 - ____)*
William Sidey (1920 - ____)*
Oscar W. Sidey (1922 - 1996)*
*Calculated relationship
Burial: Creemore Union Cemetery, Creemore, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
Maintained by: Don McArthur
Originally Created by: Lorie
Record added: Sep 13, 2012
Find A Grave Memorial# 97042234
SIDEY, Elizabeth Jane (I8330)
17 Ontario Vital Records - Marriages # 003 269 - 1902
Thomas Henry BONAS, 22, farmer, born Milton and Fanny McMULLEN, 18, born Sheguiandah married on 15 April 1902 in Assiginack. Groom's Parents: Thomas Bonas and Dorinda Wright. Bride's Parents: Richard McMullen and Elizabeth Hammond. Witnesses: Henry McMullen and Mary, both of Assiginack. 
Family F9578
18 Ontario Vital Records - Marriages # 015 307 - 1923
BROWN, William Morfield, Mechanic, age 26, to LeCAPPELAIN, Ida Susana, Teacher, age 26, on June 30, 1923 at Little Current. Parents of Groom: William A. Brown born Ontario, Susan Brown. Parents of Bride: George LeCappelain born Jersey Island, Susan White. Groom' s birthplace: Unknown (orphaned in infancy); Bride ' s birthplace: Mattawa, Ont. Witnesses: John Sharp, Little Current; Agnes Sharp, Little Current. 
Family F23066
19 Ontario Vital Records - Marriages #007 727 - 1923
Percy Edward RUSSELL, 28, Clerk of Tehkummah, born Tehkummah and Cela Mae RUSSELL, 31, of Tehkummah, born Tehkummah were married 27 June 1923. Groom's Parents: John Russell and Ellen Martin. Bride's Parents: Robert Russell and Katherine Louise Piett. 
Family F10359
20 Ontario Vital Records - Marriages #010 084 - 1877
William ELLIOTT, 26, Farmer of Collingwood, born Seneca and Janet CAROLL, 19, of Collingwood, born Oneida were married 7 February 1877, Collingwood, Simcoe County. Groom's Parents: Robert and Jane Elliott. Bride's Parent: Donald and Janet Caroll. Witnesses: Charles Mathew and Anna Rogers, both of Collingwood.
Family F1864
21 !MD - Nelson Methodist Church marraige register, West Kootenay District, B.C. Conference, page 10 No. 116E; photocopied page in possession of the British Columbia Genealogical Society.
"Edward Christian Jensen, 35 years, Bachelor; Residence Nelson, B.C; Birthplace Copenhagen , Denmark; Lutheran; Parents - Lars Jensen & Marie Hansen -
Sarah Amelia Hurdle, 35 years, Widow; Residence Nelson, B.C.; Birthplace Gore Bay, Man. Island; Methodist; Parents - Jacob Scott & Sarah Campbell
Witnesses: A. L. McIntyre & Alma S. Caster;
Married by R. J. McIntyre, Minister on June 22, 1915 by License No.49218 at 709 Josephine, Nelson, B.C."

British Columbia Marriage Registrations, 1859 - 1932
Edward Christian Jensen, born Copenhagen, Denmark and Sarah Amelia Hurdle (widow) born Manitoulin Island, Ontario were married Nelson, British Columbia. Groom's Parents: Lars Jensen and Marie Hansen. Bride's Parents: Jacob Scott and Sarah Campbell 
Family F11771
22 "Ancestral File," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 2015-04-18), entry for Signe Linea C. ANDERSON. ANDERSON, Signe Linea C. (I73968)
- Died In Plane Crash in December But Body Was Not Recovered Until Tuesday Last Week -
Wingham United Church was filled to capacity Monday afternoon for the funeral service of the late Pilot Officer Percival F. Biggs who was killed in a plane crash near the coast on Vancouver Island on December 16th, last. The body was recovered on Tuesday last week along with four others who lost their lives in the accident. The large gathering and impressive service and funeral was a splendid tribute to this fine young man who gave his life on active service.
Pilot Officer Biggs is the first to die on active service from Windham in this or the First Great War and be brought home for burial.
The service was held following the arrival of the C.P.R.train and officers and other ranks of the R.A.F. from Port Albert excorted the remains from the station to the church. They passed through the 99th(Res.) Battery and the Wingham Legion who formed a guard of honour on the roadway leading to the church. Following the service the parade headed by members of the R.A.F. moved along John Street and up Josephine Street at the slow march. Citizens lined the streets as the procession went by.
The pall bearers and flower bearers were officers of the R.A.F. Port Albert. All told about sixty all ranks from Port Albert were in attendance. The service at the graveside was conducted by Squadron Leader Hooper, Chaplain at Port Albert and the Benediction was pronounced by Capt. the Rev. W. A. Beecroft. The firing party fired three volleys and all officers including those of the 99th gave the salute.
The service in the church was conducted by the minister, Capt. the Rev. V. A. Beecroft who was assisted by Squadron Leader Hooper.................... and told of his cheerful, happy letters to his parents about whom he also expressed concern. We could do without this and such sacrifices, he paid, if we wished to live as slaves under the heel of some tyrant. But at times of peril, such as we have today, our youth have always come forth to fight that we might be free.
The choir under the leadership of Prof. A. W. Anderton, led in the service of praise. The hymns sung were "The Lord is my Shepherd" and "O Valiant Hearts". Prior the service Mr. Anderton played "Marche Funebre", Guilmant: "Largo", Handel and "Funeral March", Chopin. At the conclusion of the service "Dead March in Saul "Handel.
Perc. was in his 22nd year. He was born at Ottawa and after living at Cochrane came to Wingham when ten years of age. He was a popular student at both the High and Public schools. Previous to his enlistment in August 1941 he was a member of the 99th Battery and was employed by C. Lloyd and Son. His first experience in the R.C.A.F. was at Manning Depot, Toronto, he then went to Jarvis. He took a wireless course at Winnipeg and then a Bomb and Gunnery course at Mossbank where he graduated as a Sergeant. This was in November last year and he came home on a furlough. While home he received word that he had been commissioned a Pilot Officer. The picture in this write up is the only one in his Officer's Uniform and was taken the evening prior to the accident. He was posted to the West coast and left here to take up his duties about....."
NOTE - clipping ends here.

Wingham cemetery, Huron County, Ontario; "Sec. F-R.C.A.F. / Pilot Officer / Percival F. Biggs / R.C.A.F.; 16th Dec. 1942 / Our Greatest Gift / A Devoted Son / Resting In Peace / But Never Forgotten / "

B13179: BC Death Certificate: Reg'n no.1942-09-622575; - Occupation: listed as "Wire Less Air Gunner", in Province of B.C."11 days". Death listed as "accident", specify whether injury occured" in the woods". Dr. Jones, Coroner, Nanaimo, B.C. March 31st, 1943. 
BIGGS, Percival Frederick (I24505)
24 "Charles Harold, son of John and Ellen Jewell of Quebec, was born on the First day of November, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-six, and was baptized on the Seventeenth day of January, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-seven in the presence of the subscribing witnesses: - signed by me H.F. Bland (?) - signed by John Jewell and Annie Jewell"
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Quebec City
Information from Bob M. 
JEWELL, Charles Harold (I28384)
25 "Eighty-first leaf - On the twenty-first day of June, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-nine - John Jewell, of the City of Quebec - timber tower - was drowned - and was found dead, on the twenty-eighth day of June - in the same year, and was buried by me in the Mount Hermon Cemetery - on the Second day of July - in the same year in the presence of the subscribing witnesses: - signed L. Hooker Minister - signed by Bob (?) Lemesusir (?) And Henry Jewell"
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Quebec City
Information from Bob M. 
JEWELL, John (I3183)
26 "England and Wales Birth Registration Index, 1837-2008," database, FamilySearch ( : 1 October 2014), Albert William Bond, 1901; from "England & Wales Births, 1837-2006," database, findmypast ( : 2012); citing Birth Registration, Romford, Essex, England, citing General Register Office, Southport, England.
Name: Albert William Bond
Event Type: Birth Registration
Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar
Registration Year: 1901
Registration District: Romford
County: Essex
Event Place: Romford, Essex, England
Volume: 4A
Page: 613
Line Number: 34

"England, Essex Parish Registers, 1503-1997," database, FamilySearch ( : 12 December 2014), Albert William Bond, 24 Mar 1901, Christening; citing Barking, Essex, England, Record Office, Chelmsford; FHL microfilm 1,471,844.
Name: Albert William Bond
Event Type: Christening
Event Date: 24 Mar 1901
Event Place: Barking, Essex, England
Gender: Male
Father's Name: Albert Bond
Mother's Name 
BOND, Albert William (I75539)
27 "England and Wales Census, 1881," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 18 August 2016), Albert Bond in household of James Bond, Barking, Essex, England; from "1881 England, Scotland and Wales census," database and images, findmypast ( : n.d.); citing p. 31, Piece/Folio 1746/35, The National Archives, Kew, Surrey; FHL microfilm 101,774,670.
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1881
Event Place: Barking, Essex, England
Registration District: Romford
Residence Note: Horns Road
Page Number: 31
Registration Number: RG11
Piece/Folio: 1746/35
Affiliate Record Type: Household
Household, Role, Gender, Age, Birthplace, Marital Status, Occupation
James Bond, Head, M, 34, Barkingside, Essex, England, Married, Agricultural labourer
Emma Bond, Wife, F, 26, Barkingside, Essex, England, Married
William J Bond, Son, M, 6, Barkingside, Essex, England, Single, Scholar
Emily Bond, Daughter, F, 4, Barkingside, Essex, England 
BOND, Albert (I38573)
28 "England, Essex Parish Registers, 1503-1997," database, FamilySearch ( : 30 June 2014), Albert Bond and Mary Ann Blewitt, 23 Sep 1899, Marriage; citing , Barking, Essex, England, Record Office, Chelmsford; FHL microfilm 1,471,845.
Name: Albert Bond
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 23 Sep 1899
Event Place: Barking, Essex, England
Residence Place: 2 Provident Cottages Fansh*** Ave Barking
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Father's Name: James Bond
Spouse's Name: Mary Ann Blewitt
Spouse's Residence Place: 2 Provident Cottages Fansh*** Ave Barking
Spouse's Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Father's Name: John Blewitt

Family F11544
29 "England, Essex Parish Registers, 1503-1997," database, FamilySearch ( : 12 December 2014), James John Bond, 20 Aug 1905, Christening; citing Barking, Essex, England, Record Office, Chelmsford; FHL microfilm 1,471,844
Name James: John Bond
Event Type: Christening
Event Date: 20 Aug 1905
Event Place: Barking, Essex, England
Gender: Male
Father's Name: Albert Bond
Mother's Name: Mary Ann

Obituary, uncited
Funeral service was held on March 2, 1966 in Holy Trinity Anglican Church for James John Bond of Little Current who died February 28th in St. Joseph's Hospital, Little Current in his 60th year. Canon Donald H. Dixon officiated at the service. Organist was Mrs. Dora Collar, Hymns sung were "On the Ressurection Morning" and "O God Our Help in Ages Past."
Mr. Bond was the son of Mr. Albert Bond and the late Mrs. Bond. He was born in Rumford, England and came to Canada with his parents at the age of 2 1/2 years. He attended school in Little Current. He was married to the former Mildred Rowe in January 1926 in Little Current.
He was employed by the C.P.R., the Canadian Bridge and Dock Co. also farmed near Honora for sixteen years. During the war, Mr. Bond worked at the Victory Aircraft Plant at Malton, Ont.
He is survived by his wife and four sons, James E. of Honora, Leonard of Little Current, Edwin of Gore Bay and Gerald of Little Current and eighteen grandchildren. Also surviving are two sisters Mrs. Colin (Glady) Omnet, Mrs. Art (Florence) Deiter of Little Current, and two brothers; Alfred of Manitowaning, and Arthur of Willisville.
Pallbearers were: Wm. Armstrong, Wibbie McCullough, Frank McGovern, Floyd Morphet, Lawrence Gammie, Godfrey Lovelace, Bob Morphet, Leonard Rowe and Lawrence Peck.
Bill and Jack Omnet drove the flower car. Interment was in Mountain View Cemetery.
Relatives and friends from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Morphet, Mrs. Dolly Morphet.

Tombstone, Mountain View Cemetery, Manitoulin Island
BOND / JAMES / 1905 - 1966 / MILDRED / 1904 - 1998 //

Memoriam, Manitoulin Expositor, February 24, 1988
Bond-In loving memory of a dear husband, father and grandfather, James John, who passed away February 28, 1966.
Treasured memories, keep you near us,
As time unforlds another year
We do not need a special day
To bring you to our mind
A day we do not think of you
Is very hard to find
Sadly missed by wife MIldred and family. 
BOND, James John (I23371)
30 "Gee-Dah" Rebecca Lorraine Roy-Trudeau (Shawana) New Star Woman
October 14, 1938 – October 10, 2013
74 Years
Daughter of late Onezime and Mary C. Roy. Loving mother of Joanna, Richard of Toronto, Paul (Darlene), Kim, George (Jody) of Sudbury, Regina, Polly of Sault, Peter (Jenn), Veronica, Rose, Loretta (Barry) of Wikwemikong. Long time special friend of late James Milne (Jim Bob) and the father of her children the late Nelson Jawana. Respected grandmother of 40 grandchildren, seven step-grandchildren, 45 great-grandchildren, and five step-great-grandchildren. Sister of Cecile Roy, Eleanor Abel, Liz Wemigwans, Michael Pangowish, Chris Roy, James Roy, Calvin Roy and the late Angeline Pangowish and late Patrick Pangowish. Sadly missed by her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, cousins, friends at Delta Bingo, Wigwamen Terrace and the Native Community of Toronto. Geedah was a hard working, loving Anishnawbe Kwe who was dedicated to her family at large. Her passions in her life were cooking, bingo, sewing, cards, and casino. Most importantly she enjoyed spending time with family at powwows, ceremonies and their annual family cookout at Quanja Lake. She was part of the Wikwemikong Homemakers Club until she moved to Toronto where she started her first fulltime job at Anishnawbe Health Toronto as a cook/maintenance person. She later became a cook with Native Child and Family Services of Toronto. Through all her years in Toronto she touched the hearts of many people. She always made people laugh through her unique humour. Her food was enjoyed by many people everywhere through her infamous GeeDahs Booth, homemade bread, pies, fish pie and tacos. Until we meet again, we will always wonder why Delta Bingo runners called her "Mustang Sally." The Shawana family thanks you for your support. Rested at St. Ignatius Church, Buzwah. Friends called after 4 pm Saturday, October 12, 2013. Funeral Mass was in Holy Cross Mission Church, Wikwemikong, Monday, October 14, 2013 at 11 am. Arrangements entrusted to the Lougheed Funeral Home. 
ROY, Rebecca Lorraine (I71400)
31 "Hundred and eighty-fifth leaf - Rhoda Catherine, daughter of John and Annie Jewell was born in Quebec on the Sixth day of October, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-four, and was baptized on the Eighteenth day of December of the same year, in the presence of the subscribing witnesses: - signed by me H.F. Bland (?) - signed by John Jewell and Annie Jewell"
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Quebec City
Information from Bob M.

Tombstone photo. 
JEWELL, Rhoda Catherine (I13777)
32 "Hundred and fourteenth leaf - Margaret Jane McNaire, wife of John Jewell, Engineer, of Quebec, died on the second day of January, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one, aged twenty-six years and eight months, and was buried on the fourth day of the same month and year, in the presence of the subscribing witnesses: - signed by J.H. Johnson, Minister - witnesses Robert McNair and John Jewell" Wesleyan Methodist Church, Quebec City - Information from Bob M. MCNAIR, Margaret Jane (I21693)
33 "John C. Robison, age 27 years, Bachelor, Residence Nelson, B.C; Birthplace Harvey Station, N. B.; Presbyterian; Parents - Stephen Robison & Mary Jane Little - Alice M. Scott, 19 years, Spinster, Residence Nelson, B.C.; Birthplace Gore bay, Ont; Presbyterian; Parents - Jacob Scott & Sarah Campbell
Witnesses: Mrs. A. E. Smith & Miss G. L. Ergers
Married by A. E. Smith, Minister, Nelson Methodist Church, West Kootenay District, B.C. Conference, in the Methodist parsonage; by License No.363 10 on January 8th, 1913." 
Family F11716
34 "Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 11 April 2012), George Linley (1899).
Groom's Name: George Linley
Groom's Race:
Groom's Age: 24 years
Groom's Birth Date: 1875
Groom's Birthplace: Canada
Bride's Name: Lizzie Schut
Bride's Race:
Bride's Age: 24 years
Bride's Birth Date: 1875
Bride's Birthplace: Canada
Marriage Type:
Marriage Date: 29 Nov 1899
Marriage Place: Calumet, Houghton, Michigan
Groom's Father: John Liney
Groom's Mother: Martha Woods
Bride's Father: Richard Schut
Bride's Mother: Unknown
Groom's Marital Status:
Groom's Previous Wife:
Bride's Marital Status:
Bride's Previous Husband:
Film Number: 2342512
Frame Number:
Digital Folder Number: 4208628
Image Number: 472
Reference Number: item 2 p 201 rn 594 
Family F21834
35 "Ninety-ninth leaf - Mary Poade, issue of the marriage of John Jewell and Margaret Jane McNair, of Quebec, was born on the eighteenth day of November, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine, and baptized in the presence of the subscribing witnesses on the twenty-seventh day of December of the same year: - signed by me J.H. Johnson, Minister- witnesses John Jewell and Margaret Jane McNair"
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Quebec City
Information from Bob M.

1881 Ontario Census, Algoma, Burpee & Robinson & Barrie Island, Dist 182 SubDist J Page 22 Family 86
HILLIER Thomas Male Married 38 English Quebec Farmer Methodist Canada
HILLIER Rebecka Female Married 28 Irish Quebec Presbyterian
HILLIER Sarah Amy Female 4 Irish Quebec Presbyterian
JEWELL Minnie Female 11 Irish Quebec Presbyterian
Mary Poad "Minnie" Jewell Rumley
BIRTH 18 Nov 1870
Quebec, Canada
DEATH 2 Jun 1942 (aged 71)
Acton, Halton Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada
Fairview Cemetery
Acton, Halton Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada
PLOT Sec.Q, Plot 48
MEMORIAL ID 191408758 
JEWELL, Mary Poad (I13991)
36 "Ontario, Roman Catholic Church Records, 1760-1923," images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 11 Feb 2014), Manitoulin > Killarney > St Joseph > Baptisms, marriages, burials 1820-1934 > image 27 of 90.

"Ontario, Roman Catholic Church Records, 1760-1923," images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 11 Feb 2014), Manitoulin > Killarney > St Joseph > Baptisms, marriages, burials 1820-1934 > image 45 of 90. 
PILON, Pierre Jerome (I67811)
Robert brought the first team of horses to Kagawong.
Robert died when the "Manitoulin" caught fire in the Manitowaning Bay

Article, uncited, School Sections, etc. by Mrs. Nelson Rowe, transcribed by Marilyn Irish
Some Early History of Kagawong and Billings Tp. (handwritten 54)
(By R. J. Lloyd)
My father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Moses Lloyd, and their sons William and R. J. Lloyd moved from Owen Sound to Kagawong, or Mudge Bay, as it was called at that time, on the Str. Northern Bell. They arrived at Kagawong on May 6th, 1879. As my father was a carpenter, he brought a chest of tools and also a crosscut saw, an axe, pick and shovel and some garden tools. He also brought a cow and calf and a dozen hens. The calf took sick and died that summer.
We had no team and had to hire any team work done for the first two years, then we got a yoke of steers and broke them in. There was no hotel at Kagawong when we arrived, only a boarding house owned by Robert Henry and John Gray kept it. There was also a company store, a saw mill and grist mill owned by Robert Henry. The boarding house was the only place for accommodation so we stayed there until my father built our house. He and my older brother walked back and forth to work. My father got Mr. Alex Campbell to help him and as soon as they got the frame up and closed in, the roof on the downstairs floor laid, we moved in. the mosquitoes and black flies were something terrible. Mr. James Johnson and family, our neighbours, came to Manitoulin that same spring and stayed at the boarding house when we were there, while he and his son William built their house. They came from Innisfill.
Mr. Robert Chinchey was foreman at the sawmill for a good many years and James McGinnis ran the company store, and Geo. Coulter was clerk. It stood on the site where the Snow store now stands. The grist mill was operated by Mr. Joe Wilson and his son Joe. After the father died Jack Bennett and Joe, Jr., operated it. The summer of 1878 or 1879 the mills were burned.
In the fall of 1879 there was an epidemic of diphtheria at Kagawong and a good may of the children died with it.
The old frame schoolhouse was built in the summer of 1878 and opened in 1879. A Mr. Young was the first teacher. Mr. Jos. Hunt and his family came from King township. Also Harry Ross and family and William Farquhar and family, who came from Innisfill were  
HENRY, Robert (I49475)
38 "Return of Marriages Solmenized by William Park, a Minister of the Canadian Presbyterian Church for the Year Ending 31st Day of December A.D. 1864."( Microfilm of Original Doucments, F H C Owen Sound, Ontario)
Donald Clark, 26, of Bentinck, born in Scotland, son of Duncan Clark and Maron McCormick married Mary Clark, 18, of Bentinck, born in Vaughan, daughter of Duncan Clark and Ann McLean. Witness: John Clark, Bentinck, March 17, 1864. 
Family F2882
39 "Robert H. Jewell, son of John Jewell and of M.J. McNair his wife was born on the 23rd day of February 1868 and was baptized on the 31st day of May in the same year in the presence of subscribing witnesses by me - signed by W. Jackson
- witnesses John Jewell and M.J. Jewell"

1891 Burpee Township , Algoma, Household #28
Jewell R. Thomas Male 23 Married Head Quebec Ireland Ireland C Presb Farmer
Jewell Mary Female 21 Married Wife Ontario Ontario C Presb

1901 Ontario Census, Burpee Township. Con 9 Lot 20, Household #29
JEWELL Robert H. Male Head married 23 February 1869 32 Ont Irish Can P S Farmer
JEWELL Mary Female Wife married 16 October 1870 31 Ont Eng Can PS
JEWELL Florance P. Female Daughter single 6 September 1891 9 Ont Irish Can PS
JEWELL Gurtrude L. Female Daughter single 18 March 1893 Ont Irish Can PS
JEWELL Margaret J. Female Daughter single 10 May 1893 5 Ont Irish Can PS
JEWELL Jennie M. Female Daughter single 26 May 1897 3Ont Irish Can PS
JEWELL Edith G. Female Daughter single 17 June 1899 1Ont Irish Can PS
EATON James A. Male Lodger single 5 October 1881 19 Ont Eng Can PS Farm Lab
EATON Fredrick W. Male Lodger single 6 August 1883 17 Ont Eng Can PS Farm Lab

1911 Ontario Census, Algoma East, Dawson, Household #59 (Lodger in the home of Lindsay Johnston)
JEWELL Robert male lodger Married February 1870 41

Obituary, uncited
Deaths (handwritten 1952)
Jewell-At Sudbury General Hospital on Saturday, October 25, Captain Robert Henry Jewell husband of the late Mary Rumley, in his 84th year. Funeral services from the home of his daughter, (Mrs. Thomas McCulligh, Bidwell, Tuesday, October 28. Interment in Hilly Grove Cemetery.

Hilly Grove Cemetery, Assiginack Township, Manitoulin Island, Ontario
JEWELL, Captain Robert Henry (I30064)
40 "Through The Years" Nov 1986 reprinted from Aug 1926
Dorothy Hopkins Addison Scrapbook, transcribed by Marilyn Irish
Man Lived for Nine Days with Body Submerged
The tales of Georgian Bay would not be complete without the experience and sufferings of Noble T. Jolliffe of the Grand Manitoulin in 1886. Jolliffe was captain and part owner of the trading schooner "Nellie" and he and his partner Mr. W. Wright traded around the shores of Manitoulin Island.
The little schooner had seen better days but her owners were doing a thriving business with her and she was thought safe enough so long as no heavy weather was encountered.
It was on the 5th day of June 1886, that Captain Noble Thomas Jolliffe, formerly of Parry Sound, left the Serpent River in the "Nellie", his partner having been called to Gore Bay on business.
When about ten miles below Cape Roberts lighthouse, the schooner sprang a leak and filled with water in a very short time; when she rolled over on her side. The yawl boat broke loose as she rolled over and drifted out of reach of the lone mariner.
Jolliffe climbed out of the water on the side of the schooner and in this position drifted around the bay for two days, scorched by the sun's rays in the daytime and chilled by the cool air and his wet clothing at night .
During the second night, the old boat lost her main mast, it became unstopped, smashing itself out through the schooner's side. The foremast also broke off close to the deck and the dismantled hull righted and settled in the water close to the deck.
Weak as he was, Jolliffe managed to crawl over the side of and seat himself on one of the forward thwarts, up to his waist in water.
Three days more of tortures were endured by this plucky man, his only substance being a bottle of whiskey which he was fortunate enough to fish out from the submerged cabin.
Early in the morning of the sixth day after the wreck, the schooner drifted on to a rock near the east end of John's Island. Here Jolliffe tried to break up part of the boat to make a raft on which to drift ashore but was prevented by weakness.
Four days were spent by the man in awful torture at the island almost within reach of safety, and while consciousness lasted he had the mortification of seeing several bodies, schooner sandsteamers go past without being able to attract their attention.
Some Indians passed the stranded schooner on Thursday and Friday the 11th of June, they reported having seen the wreck and asked why they had not made certain no one was aboard they gave such unsatisfactory answers as convinced their questioners that they were too superstitious to go near the hull.
Wright, Jolliffe's partner, made every effort to get a boat to go in search of the captain, but did not succeed until Sunday when he was able to engage the Abigaill, and started for the scene of the stranded wreck.
Meantime, Jolliffe had been found and taken off by a party of fisherman who happened to pass that way and they took him to Serpant River where he received medical attention.
When the fisherman found Jolliffe he was sitting in the boat almost up to his neck in water with his head lying bulwarks, barely enough out of the water to save him from drowning and quite unconscious.
Jolliffe was stone blind and his limbs and body were terribly swollen and paralized by being so long in the water. He was ill all summer but recovered his health and strength and is now living in Latna Washington Territory, USA .
How he managed to live nine days in such condition almost entirely submerged in water without a bit to eat is one of the unsolved mysteries of the Great Lakes.
-From the Great Lakes News, Aug, 1926 
JOLLIFFE, Noble (I26854)
41 #001335 - Gore Bay, Manitoulin - 6 Nov 1892 - Mildred Wilhelmina to Alexander Mc---, lumberman and Margaret Alice W--- (page was not laid flat enough when copied so some disappeared into the binding)

Tombstone photo.

Meldrum Bay Cemetery, Lot 31, Concession 94.
Mildred Willemena / DAU. OF / ALEX & ALICE / McRAE / Died / AT Meldrum Bay / Feb. 6, 1899. / Aged 6 Y'rs. / & 3 Mo's / - / A little bud of love / To bloom with God above. 
MCRAE, Mildred Willemena (I36734)
42 #010863 - Midland, Simcoe - Alexander McRae, 28, Tiny, Quebec, bachelor, farmer, son of John & Flora McRae married Alice Wilson, Vespra, Innisfil, daughter of Alexander and Susannah Wilson, 14 May 1884 at Midland. Witnesses: Thos Wilson, Vespra and Margaret McCauly, Stormont. Family F8337
43 #032125 - Tiny (?), Simcoe - 12 Feb 1885 Beatress to Alexander McRae, farmer and Alice Wilson MCRAE, Alice Beatress (I20854)
44 #034050 - Collingwood, Simcoe - 14 Dec 1888 - Florence Andreana to Alexander McRae, labourer and Margaret Alice Wilson. MCRAE, Florence Andreana (I20856)
45 #034205 - Collingwood, Simcoe - 6 Dec 1886 - Susanna May to Alexander McRae, lumberman and Alice Wilson MCRAE, Susanna May (I20855)
46 #1,479,858: Surrogate Court, Man. Island, Reg. 1, p236, Will of John Bailey, 1902: "Samuel Bailey, appointed one of two executors, also mentioned in Will."

1901 Ontario Census, Algoma, Burpee Township. Con 3 Lot 36, Household #36
BAILEY Samuel Male Head married 2 April 1873 28 Ont Eng Can PS Farmer
BAILEY Elen J. Female Wife married 16 April 1875 26 Ont Eng Can PS
BAILEY Burton Male Son single 28 May 1893 7 Ont Eng Can PS
BAILEY Emma J. Female Daughter single 2 June 1896 4 Ont Eng Can PS
BAILEY Florance M. Female Daughter single 6 February 1898 3 Ont Eng Can PS
BAILEY James H. Male Son single 16 November 1899 1 Ont Eng Can PS

1911 Ontario Census, Algoma, Burpee Township, Household #44
Baily Samuel Male Head Married April 1874 37
Baily Ella Jane Female Wife Married April 1876 35
Baily Burton Male Son Single May 1894 17
Baily Emma Female Daughter Single June 1896 15
Baily May Female Daughter Single 1898 13
Baily James Male Son Single November 1900 11
Baily Cliford Male Son Single April 1902 9
Baily Albert Male Son Single May 1904 7
Baily Mad Female Daughter Single April 1906 5
Baily Sarah Daughter Single May 1908 3

Gore Bay Recorder, Oct. 31, 1912.
"attended the funeral of his brother Joe" (Fernlee),

Mills-Burpee Cemetery, Lot 24 S. W. Corner , Concession 7, Township of Burpee and Mills, #53.

Tombstone photo. 
BAILEY, Samuel (I12009)
47 #990,521; Baptism, Halkirk parish Caithness Scotland - Salt Lake City

1851 Ontario Census Bentinck Township, Grey County, Ontario, p3 1line 48
Age next BD - 11 yrs.; BP Scotland

1911 Gore Bay Census, Algoma East, Page #4, Household #34
Bailey Christine Female Head Widow March 1839 72
Bailey James Male Son Single August 1899 13
Bailey Stella Female Daughter Single January 1900 11
Bailey William Male Son Single September 1909 9

Ontario Vital Records - Deaths # 020 423 - 1925
BAILEY, Christina, female, 10 August 1925, Gore Bay. Cause: Myocarditis at age 88 years, 4 months, 30 days. Born: Scotland, 11 March 1837. Parents: Campbell, Scotland and Isabell Campbell, Scotland.

Gordon Cemetery, Gordon and Allan, Manitoulin Island, #460
21 / 2 / WILLIAM / BAILEY / 1833 - 1906 / AT REST / ROBERT / JUNE-NOV. 1877 / BAILEY / CHRISTENA CAMPBELL / WIFE OF / WILLIAM BAILEY / 1837- 1925 / - / SARAH JANE / BAILEY / WIFE OF / JOHN BAILEY / 1859 - 1942 / CHRISTENA P. / BAILEY / 1903-1906 /

Tombstone photo. 
CAMPBELL, Christina (I24690)
48 #990,521; Baptism; Caithness, Scotland - Microfilm at Salt Lake City, Utah, read October 1983.

Nothing further on this child, presumed died in Scotland. - from B. Allen 
CAMPBELL, Isabel (I24446)
49 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I63048)
50 , Death date, One Tree on an Island, The Roots of Barrie Island, by Joe Ann Baker Lane Lewis, page 265

Obituary, Manitoulin West Recorder, April 9, 2009
John Victor Hebert
John Victor Herbert, a Veteran, passed away quietly aurrounded by his family at Nisbet Lodge in the afternoon of March 26, 2009 in his 94th year. It is with sadness that we announce the going home of our dear Dad to be with Jesus. Husband of loving wife Earla Dorothy (McTaggart) (from Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island) for 67 years; daughter, Mrs. Alice Bkwell (Rev. Danny); son, William; brother Edward (Ruth) of Stouffville, Ontario. The funeral was held at the Jerrett Funeral Home, 660 Kennedy Rd., south of Eglinton Ave., Scarborough on Monday, March 30th at 1 pm in the Chapel. Interment followed at Reshaven Memorial Gardens, 2700 Kingston Rd. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Salvation Army East Toronto Citadel Corps, 107 Cedarvale Ave., Scarborough, ON M4C 4J9 would be greatly appreciated by the family. 
HERBERT, John Victor (I33327)

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